BeautyFIXX is the Brow and Lash Specialist!!
Tinting, shaping, Lash Lifting, Lash Extensions and Henna Brows
 are Nicole's speciality.   
You don't have to put up with uninspiring lashes and Brows anymore!


We create perfectly shaped brows using a combination of waxing, tweezing and classic tinting techniques.

For longer lasting colour and filling of sparse area's we recommend Henna tint that stains the skin as well as the hairs

Natural Lashes

 Relax with a Lash tint for instant depth and contrast of your natural lashes.

Or go the next step and get your lashes Lifted!  Lash lifting (includes tint) gives you perfectly curled lashes every day.  Lash lifting opens the eyes and gives the appearance of longer, thicker, darker lashes.  This treatment requires less maintenance than eyelash extensions while providing many of the same benefits.


Eyelash extensions are the best way to dramatically enhance your natural eyelashes. We design a lash style catered to your eye shape making them appear thicker, longer, fluffier or curlier depending on your desired look. At beautyFixx we use synthetic Mink lashes, they  feel super light and barely there, exactly like your own eyelashes, which should last 3-6 weeks depending on your own natural lash cycle. The application process is pain-free, and a perfect opportunity to relax or sleep.

You can still go about your every day activities, apply makeup and swim/shower!

Eyelash extensions applied by Nicole at BeautyFixx are safe and will not damage your own lashes!

Nicole is Qualified  in  the "Fab Lashes" technique. Eyelash extensions should never hurt or ruin your own lashes. You should be able to Comb the extensions from root to tip with no catching or tugging. The lash extensions should never weigh your own lashes down, and extensions should never be stuck to your eyelid!  We combine your ultimate lash goals with  our professional opinion to get as close to your desired result as possible. Generally extensions should not be too much thicker or longer or curlier than your natural lashes if you want to keep wearing them long term.  For a special occasion, we can go all out and apply much more drama than what your natural lashes would comfortably support, but these will not last as long as a more sensible set and are not recommended for long term wearing.


Just like your hair, your eyelashes have a growth and renew cycle… which means top ups are recommended 2-3 weekly to replace those lashes that have fallen out naturally.  A top Up takes just over an hour.

Half Sets

When you are getting your first set you can opt to get a half set, for the same price as a top up. Rather than 1 extension per 1 natural lash, you end up with 1 extension per approx every 3 natural lashes. Or you can get the half set applied just to the outer edges. We put in as many extensions as we can in the time booked. The more lashes you have applied, the longer lasting your set will be.

Classic Extensions 

The original extensions

A good way to get introduced to Lash Extensions. Classics are the most natural looking, beautiful extensions  One extension is fixed to each one of your natural lashes in your choice of length, curl and weight. Creates a more wispy effect

Hybrid Extensions 

I want something unique

Using both Classic and volume lashes in different curls and length we create a controlled lash explosion in freestyle fashion that the likes of Kim Kardashian and other Celebs love.

Full set only, no half sets

5d Volume Extensions 

Give me MORE!!

This technique attaches 5 super fine extensions to each of your natural lashes, in your choice of length, curl and weight. Creates full fluffy "Here I AM" Lashes

Important  Info for getting lash extensions

  • You have to lie very still without opening your eyes. If you are prone to coughing fits, frequent bathroom visits, fidgeting or any other condition that affects lying still, lash extensions are still possible but we may not be able to apply as many as we normally would. This is a time based service and ideally we want to spend every second of your appointment putting lashes in place.

  • If you need to get up to have a break we will need to use new lash pads before we continue the procedure, these are $5 and will be added to the price

  • We cannot top up lash extensions that have been applied by other lash technicians unless they are of excellent quality. They must be removed first ($15) then a new set applied

  • Please remove any mascara before your lash appointment. If I have to remove eye makeup it will cut into valuable lashing time

How to look after your Lash Extensions

  • Do not pull or pick at your extensions, this could pull out your natural lashes as well

  • Brush them many times a day into a fanned shape from the root to tip. Brush the top side of the lashes firmly enough so the bristles get in between every lash. This stops them from facing the wrong direction and getting tangled.

  • Wash your lashes once or twice daily with a watered down baby shampoo and massage the cleanser into your lashes with your fingers, rinse thoroughly with water. Use a lash brush to remove any debris and leftover makeup from the roots. It is important to wash the roots and skin between the eyelashes, . If dead skin cells, oils and make up are left stuck on the eyelid it can affect the health of the natural lashes causing lash loss, natural lash damage and infection

  • You can wear makeup as usual but use mascara only on the tips of your extensions and never use waterproof mascara. (Waterproof mascara can only be removed with oil based cleanser and will break down the bonds of the lash glue)

  • Do not use curlers on your extensions

  • Do not put oil based products on your extensions

  • Do not use cotton buds on your lashes or anything with fibres that could catch on them. 

  • Do not rub your eyes, lie on your face or do anything that might pull the extensions out or place them in an unnatural position

  • Do not tint or perm your extensions


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