You want super smooth, hair free skin, and fast!

BeautyFixx is the waxing hair removal expert! We use use strip wax and hard wax combined with a unique technique to ensure removal of at least 95% of hairs - anywhere on the body with minimal discomfort and zero skin grazing. Hygiene and sanitation practices are strictly adhered to, gloves are always worn and spatula's never re-dipped in the wax pot.

Female Intimate waxing is amongst the most popular services at BeautyFixx. Nicole has done thousands of them over 20 years and has a very fine tuned, speedy technique.  Click here to learn more about Brazilian waxing or Click here to learn more about Gstring Waxing

​Guidelines for a great wax:

  • If you’ve been shaving, wait 2 weeks for the hair to re-grow: the hair needs to be long enough to hold  easily between 2 fingers. If you arrive for your appointment with hair that is too short to wax you may be charged a cancellation fee

  • If you’re worried about pain, then we suggest you take a painkiller an hour or so before your appointment. It dulls the pain, but does not eliminate it altogether

  • Exfoliate the area with exfoliating gloves in the shower for at at least 2 days leading up to your appointment, this help release any hairs stuck below the surface.

  • Yes you can have a intimate wax during your period. Please use a tampon

  • No ultra hot baths or showers for 24 hours afterwards.

  • No sunbeds, sun exposure or fake tans for 24 hours afterwards.

  • Do not apply fragranced or alcohol based products to freshly waxed skin for 24 hours

  • Apply suncreen if you will have your freshly waxed skin exposed to the sun, it will sunburn faster than other area's for a week after waxing

  • Dettol cream or similar antibacterial, soothing cream can be used to soothe newly-waxed or irritated skin.

  • Ingrown hairs can be treated with daily application of

         Bump Eraiser MediPaste - Available from BeautyFixx


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