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IPL Permanent Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light is a technologically advanced method of removing unwanted hair permanently from any area of the face or body.

IPL energy targets the pigment inside the hair follicle. The amount of pigmentation in the follicle is reflected in the darkness in hair colour. The pigmentation is heated and destroys the active cells in the follicle that grow the hair. Once those cells are destroyed, the hair follicle can never grow hair again.


Traditionally IPL machines cannot treat blonde, red, grey or white hairs because they are invisible to the light energy. At BeautyFixx we use the  EFB Adena IPL Machine, the only machine in the world patented to treat coarse white, grey and red hairs.

Each new client requires a consultation and patch test up to 24hours before commencing treatment. Consultation and patch test is $60 and is redeemable off the first treatment

Dark Hairs Pricelist
Combine 2 or more areas for 15% Discount
Light Hairs Pricelist
Combine 2 or more areas for 15% Discount

lower Legs  $260

upper  Leg  $350

Full Leg   $500

back of thighs $100

Toes $55

Underarms $110

Forearms $180

Bikini $85

G String $120

Brazilian $160

Snail Trail $85

Buttocks $150

Lip  $55

Chin $85

Cheeks $100

Throat $100

Between Brows $40

Shoulders $140

Chest $190

Stomach $170

Upper Back $180

Lower Back $140

Underarms $160

Bikini $110

G String $170

Brazilian $210

Snail Trail $90

Buttocks $220

Lip $90

Chin $110

Cheeks $150

Throat $150

Between Brows $70

Toes $80

  • How many sessions will I need
    It takes multiple treatments to achieve maximum hair loss, although hair regrowth will be reduced after each treatment. Each hair has 3 stages of hair growth and it is only the active, anagen stage that will respond to IPL. On Average 30% of the hairs in any area will be in the anagen stage so multiple treatments are necessary in order to ensure every anagen-stage hair gets treated. On average 5 – 10 treatments, 6-10 weeks apart are recommended for maximum reduction of hair and this can depend on hair colour and thickness, skin colour and area treated. ​ Hormones, pregnancy, some medications, some medical conditions, genetic influences all affect the growth of hair across the face and body. Because hair growth can be stimulated by these various reasons, we can never guarantee 100% removal, and individual responses may vary. It is recommended to have touch up treatment once a year to maintain results as hormonal changes can stimulate new hair growth.
  • What Does IPL Feel Like?
    The sensation of IPL treatments is often referred to as like flick of a rubber band, and should not be painful. This is accompanied by a flash of very bright light. Both the therapist and client wear Laser safety glasses to protect the eyes during treatment
  • What happens to the hairs after treatment?
    Immediately after the treatment, the hairs are still in the follicles and will be released by the skin after about 10 – 14 days. All the hairs including those not in anagen stage, will just drop out. They will grow back slowly over a few weeks, except the hairs that were in anagen stage. It is very important during the course of treatments not to pluck or wax, but you may shave or cut the hair. Depilatory creams can be used if your skin tolerates them.
  • Why is light hair removal more expensive?
    White, red and grey hairs use a different method that is more intensive and takes at least double the treatment time as dark hairs. We first have to wax the hairs out which stimulates the blood in the follicle, then we cool the skin to coaggulate the blood before we commence treatment and then sometimes cool the skin afterwards
  • How do I prepare for treatment
    Firstly, book in for an IPL consultation and patch test If you have been shaving allow the hair to grow a few days so we can see what we will be treating. If you have been waxing, you will need to wait at least 6 weeks until the hair has regrown. Do not suntan, sunbed, spray tan or fake tan for 2 weeks prior to your treatment as tanning of any sort can lead to superficial burning. Inform your therapist if you are on any form of acne medication or topical vitamin A (retinol). Shave the day before your treatment ( do not shave before the initial consultation) For those with blonde/grey/red hair, we need to wax you first. So the hairs must be long enough for us to wax.
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