Hands and Feet


ManiFixx 30min 

 Gel Polish manicure for natural nails

Includes cuticle tidy, nail shape and buff

Long lasting gel polish is applied - perfect for protecting the nails to help them grow, minimising breakage.

Every ManiFixx includes a layer of Structure Gel, to give unbeatable durability and strength, and increase the life of your manicure.


We finish with a rich cuticle oil treatment and a hand massage using luxurious Cuccio Moisturiser in your choice of fragrance.

Note: gel polish can can be worn forever but some individuals may exerience temporary weakness of their natural nails after removing gel polish

Mini Manicure 20min

 Nail shape and Hardener for natural nails

Great for those who are wanting to fortify damaged nails or maintain tidy nails without colour

Includes cuticle tidy, nail shape, buff and OPI Nail Envy Strengthner


We finish with a rich cuticle oil treatment and a hand massage using luxurious Cuccio Moisturiser in your choice of fragrance.

Nail Art

Nails that are uniquely You!

Diamantes, Decals, Stamping GLITTER!! We have many ways to take your nails to the next level of Fab!  

Due to the added time please let me know if you require nail art, and send me the design in mind before you arrive so I can give you a quote and time frame. I recommend googling Nail art for inspiration

Nail art includes colour fade, any thing stuck on, pictures or designs and multiple colours per nail

Acrylic Extensions 1hr 45min

Long, Strong "Here I AM" Nails!!

Ideal for anyone wanting dramatic length, strength and durability, great for nail biters and those that struggle to grow their own nails.

A plastic tip is glued to the tip of your own nail for length, then acrylic applied overtop. 

Once the acrylic is set it is filed into shape and gel polish applied

Acrylics are not suitable for a one off application, regular 3 weekly backfills are necessary to keep them looking fantastic.

Note: Acrylics can can be worn forever but your natural nails will be weak for a few months when you decide to take a break from Acrylics

Callus FIXX
Toes with French Polish
Callus FIXX

IBX Treatment  30min

Repair and strengthen Natural Nails

Are you frustrated with your natural nails breaking and peeling? Are they flimsy or damaged? You'll love our new professional IBX Nail Repair & Strengthening treatment !

Damaged, cracked and peeling nails can be fixed in just one treatment!
Strength is restored then supercharged with in-salon treatments, with easy home care in between appointments.

IBX can also be applied underneath gel polish or nail polish to maintain the health and strength of the nails.

Your first treatment includes essential products to keep strengthening and improving your nails at home.

- First treatment $90 (includes homecare kit worth $65)

- Future treatments $40 - recommended weekly x 4 for very weak damaged nails, then monthly or as required

- Add an IBX treatment to a gel manicure for $15

IBX is completely undetectable on the nails, cannot lift or be removed. It Penetrates the nail and forms a flexible tough bond from within

No feet are too gross or ugly to deserve a thorough BeautyFixx!!

I hear time and time again that people are too ashamed and embarrassed to bring their feet to me that they percieve as totally ugly...  I promise that I am not one bit phased by any type, shape or condition of feet, my motto is "The Worse The Better!"

 My joy is in making every foot and toe nail beautiful

All our feet Treats are done while you relax on the ultra comfy BeautyFixx Bed

Callous FIXX - before & After

PediFixx 1hour 

Our most popular feet treat

Includes hot towel cleanse, nail shape and buff, cuticle tidy, smoothing of hard skin, pomegranate and fig sea salt scrub, a luscious foot massage and gel nail polish

Remove gel polish + $5


PediQuik  30min 

Includes a hot towel cleanse, nail shape, cuticle tidy, mini massage with Gehwol Podiatry Cream and

gel nail polish

Toe Nail Tidy 15min

Perfect for those that cant quite get down there anymore!

Includes a hot towel cleanse, nail shape, cuticle tidy, mini massage with Gehwol Podiatry Cream. 

No Nail Polish

Callus Fixx 1hour 

For seriously bad calluses and cracks

Removes 80% to 100% of problem dead skin in one appointment

 Includes a hot towel cleanse then removal of  callous and cracks from every inch of the feet with the BeautyFixx Magic Wand.

Followed by Pomegranate & Fig Sea salt exfoliation and massage


  Add a Pediquik  +  $25


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Cracked callused feet and heels are no match for BeatyFixx!