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Parking  and other Information

With clients, guests and family coming and going regularly from BeautyFIXX there is sometimes confusion over what to do when you arrive, I’ve put together this information to make things easier to understand when you arrive.



Where do I park?

Please park either in front of the garage or on the right-side of the larger carparking area. The far end of the carparking is reserved for Accommodation Guests.  The fenced off apartment beside the garage is our Air BnB accommodation  – BeautyFIXX clinic is in the main house.

What if there are other cars here?

Often there are other cars parked here. It could be accommodation guests, it could be our family car or it could be the car of a client I am currently seeing.

If it is right on your appointment time always come to the main door and let me know that you are here even if you think I may still be with a client. Otherwise I may not be aware that you have arrived and keep you waiting


Can I let myself in when I arrive?

I have been flexible with this in the past but now with so many people coming and going all the time there has been instances of clients wandering through the house looking for me, or entering the treatment room before I have it set up and ready for them.

 Unless i am waving at you to come in from the treatment room, I prefer to greet everybody personally at the door and welcome them properly to my home. Please ring the bell or knock on the main door when you arrive and I will let you in.

How early can I arrive before my appointment?

As early as you like, however you will have to wait in your car until your appointment time, or let me know you are here and can I pop you in a chair in my foyer.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

9am -5.30pm

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