What is a Brazilian wax

A Brazilian wax is an extreme bikini wax: all the hair from the pubic region (including the labia, between the butt cheeks and tail bone area) is removed, and most of (or all) of the hair on the front of the pubic bone, right up to the belly button.

Why do people get Brazilian waxes?

There are a few reasons that women get brazilian waxing. In our western culture it is common for females to remove body hair. Brazilian waxing is considered very normal in todays modern society and not at all shocking or rude. A huge benefit of Brazilian waxing is for hygiene and comfort. And there are intimate reasons for removing the pubic hair - it makes the area incredibly smooth, more sensitive and visually appealing.

Does Brazilian hair removal hurt? 

 Your first Brazilian wax will be the most painful as there’s the most hair, and there is some discomfort every time you have a wax. The good news is that the pain is short and sharp, and by the time the waxing is complete the discomfort is gone. Interestingly it is not painful to wax between the butt cheeks!

If you’re worried about pain we suggest you take a painkiller an hour or so before your appointment.

Also, waxing a couple of days before your period could be more painful than usual.

Is it embarrassing? 

We require you to wear disposable underwear during your brazilian. This not only decreases the embarrasment factor but acts as a barrier to getting wax where we dont want it.

In some other waxing places they still make you kneel on all fours, or wrap your legs round the beautician’s neck, but we’ve got a far less embarrassing technique that is 100% effective.

Remember, Nicole has been doing this for many years and chooses to do it because she wants to do it and is incredibly good at it.

  And quite simply, you don’t have anything she hasn’t seen before!

What’s the difference between a Brazilian wax and a Hollywood wax? 

The terms are often used inter-changeably, but technically a Hollywood wax leaves the whole area bare, while a Brazilian wax leaves a small, vertical strip – often referred to as a ‘landing strip’.

We’ll discuss which style you’d like before your first wax. 

What is a Gstring wax?

A Gstring wax removes hair that might be visible when you wear a gstring. We start by doing a bikini wax that is narrower than usual then remove all the hairs from between the butt cheeks and tail bone area.

How long will my Brazilian wax last?

The first baby hairs will start emerging after a week and at 4 - 6 weeks there will be enough mature hairs to wax again. We recommend that you are waxed at 6-week intervals. This will make the waxing procedure a lot quicker, and significantly less painful! If you get waxed again too soon (less than 4 weeks) there will not be enough hairs emerged and your brazilian will not last as long.

Will I get ingrown hairs?

Possibly, some people are more prone to ingrown hairs than other. The coarser the hair, the more key it is you will get some ingrowns. To minimise ingrown hairs we recommend exfoliating the area regualy starting a week after waxing, and applying Bump Eraiser Medi Paste daily, available at Beautyfixx. 

Hints and tips for your Brazilian wax appointment… 

  • Your first time waxing (or if you leave it for more than 2 months ) will be more painful, as there’s a hair in every follicle. You might want to wear loose clothing so you’re more comfortable afterwards, and so air can circulate the area

  • If you’ve been shaving, wait 2 weeks for the hair to re-grow: the hair needs to be long enough to hold  easily between 2 fingers.

  • If you’re worried about pain, then we suggest you take a painkiller an hour or so before your appointment. It dulls the pain, but does not eliminate it altogether

  • Exfoliate the area with exfoliating gloves in the shower for at at least 2 days leading up to your appointment, this help release any hairs stuck below the surface.

  • Yes you can have a brazilian wax during your period. Please use a tampon

  • No ultra hot baths or showers for 24 hours afterwards.

  • No sunbeds, sun exposure or fake tans for 24 hours afterwards.

  • Do not apply fragranced or alcohol based products to freshly waxed skin for 24 hours

  • Apply suncreen if you will have your freshly waxed skin exposed to the sun, it will sunburn faster than other area's for a week after waxing

  • Dettol cream or similar antibacterial, soothing cream can be used to soothe newly-waxed or irritated skin.

  • Ingrown hairs can be treated with daily application of

       Bump Eraiser MediPaste, Available from BeautyFixx